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Austin is a New York City based actor, improviser, writer, and stand-up (perhaps by the end of 2011).

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The Boy Laughed

The Boy Cried

The Boy Lived, So The Boy Died.

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There once was a girl who made me…











                              There once was a girl.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost a week away, its that time of year when we show our mothers just how much we love and appreciate them. As a way to say thank you for everything she does, many people give various combinations of cards, candies, jewelry, flowers and brunches. One gift most mothers are always wanting is grandchildren, especially if their children are single and in their 30’s; this need/pressure for grandchildren exponentially increases within certain ethnic communities. Since it takes a man and women or a women and a cup of frozen sperm to make a baby, I began to think about relationships  and dating(or donating) and finally the type of woman who eventually would be the mother of my children. They (you know the universal “They”, the frequently quoted, advice givers, who no one seems to know) say, or maybe come to think of it, it was Freud who said “People tend to end up marrying people like their parents.” 

Upon, first hearing this one might become horrified by the Oedipal images rapidly running through their heads, but upon further reflection it might be the best thing ever. Why might you ask? The answers simple, why wouldn’t I want to marry someone who thinks I’m as wonderful as I think I am? Gives me money when I need it or even better when I don’t. Buys me new clothes, sends me a card on holidays (again usually with money in them), takes me on vacation, cooks and cleans for me, always calls me on my birthday, takes me out to dinner and always pays the check. And the best part is it only takes a smile and a thank you, to keep it all coming. Hell, we should all be so lucky to marry someone like that, you don’t think they call them sugar mama’s for nothing, do you?! So, if you are fortunate enough to be spending Mother’s Day at home, give your mother an extra hug for all the selfless things she does for you, you spoiled brat! Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

I’m Still Here!

So its Jan 13, I slacked last week, but I am back. I will be posting from home over the next few days…so stay tuned!!!

Day 2: Hey! Maybe I Am Committed To This After-all. !!


Over the passed week and a half or so I have been watching NBC’s The Office, a show I love. As a massive fan of the BBC’s The Office created by perhaps my favorite comedy duo of Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant (sorry Dorothy and Sophia), I was hesitant with an American remake. Yet, as the show progressed from its sluggish, lackluster first season, I became to the love The Office’s as seperate children. Over the years NBC’s The Office  has become  show for me, if I were having a bad day I would turn it on and within minutes feel much better, large in part to Steve Carell.

That being said I just have recently realized The Brilliance of Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Hey, look thats in the title, don’t you just love it when someone says the title of the movie or book your reading in a sentence within that movie or book). Steve’s portrayal has created perhaps the most tragically endearing, comically inept, ever hopeful, childish characters of all time. Carell is both a master of the subtly and over the top nature of Michael Gary Scott.

As a student of comedy, I am constantly learning to be a better actor/improviser by watching Carell at work And as all good things must come to an end, Steve Carell will be leaving The Office at the end of the season. Last year it was LOST, this year The Office, if Mick and Molly are cancelled in May 2012, I will be devisated.

The following blog was completely green (take that to mean what you want)!

P.S. I won’t do a celebrity review next time……

Welcome to My Blog 2011

So today is Jan 2, 2011, technically its still the 1st for me as I woke up a 430pm, worked and am still up.

Anyway welcome to my new blog, part of my “Creating Good Habits” resolution, including but not limited to making my bed daily, this blog, flossing ( don’t judge me, like you do it daily), becoming better at grammar, trim up a bit (take that to mean what you will) and continue to read like its going out of style.

“So, Austin. What can I expect from your blog!?” 

Excellent question blog reader, this blog will tend to be about the current musings on my mind, on a variety of topics. I am going to do at least weekly updates (see already making positive, “I will” statements). 

“Austin, why start a blog? Why now?”

Damn, you are a savvy blog reader! I started this blog as a way to find my voice as a writer/ performer. I was recently asked by a friend “What do you have to say?”. I was taken back by the directness of the question, but not by the actual words or the way they were spoken. But the Holy Shit, Slap in the Face, the lightbulb turning on, aha moment, the question carried. I had lived for thirty years and I was not able to answer the question. Yes, I have thoughts, opinions, truths in life I share with others around me. But the artistic me, what does that Austin have to say or share with the world? Which brings me back to this blog, this I know (Pos. Statements # 2 for those who are counting) will help me flush out my voice and help me look for patterns of thought or perspective…that and will help me fill the not so deeply hidden fear, I will die without any offspring and will therefore, have left no impact/legacy on Earth, so welcome to my eternal internet baby….unless eternity turns out to be finite, then I did the best I could!

So the first topic is 2011: THE YEAR OF NATAILE PORTMAN….no, seriously!!!

Natalie Portman is in the news, for a potential Oscar-winning performance for her work in Black Swan. A movie, admittedly I haven’t seen yet. Though I might go tonight. But what you may not know is she is poised to have one of the biggest years of her life, one many actresses would kill for. Allow me to explain, I am approaching this as a person who has studied entertainment pr and marketing, I do like Ms. Portman, yet I am no fanatic.  Why will this be her year? She has Black Swan in the theaters, with high praise from critics and audiences, she is almost certainly the front-runner for the Best Actress category. She also recently announced that she is pregnant and engaged to the father. So expect to have her face, her baby bump, and several in-depth exposés on her baby daddy, on the covers of People, Us Weekly, and every other shitty gossip rag or internet site. 

 In February 2011, Natalie star in No Strings Attached with Ashton Kuthcer, probably a missable film, but it will keep her name in the news until the Oscars, which sight unseen, I think she will win. (UPDATE: She won! UPDATE UPDATE: Dancing Controversy, more time for her name to be in the news, and you know the old saying “There is no such thing as bad publicity…just ask Charlie Sheen.)

 Where The Year Of Natalie begins to gain momentum is with the April release of  “Your Highness”, with Danny McBride (Kenny F$%^ing Powers) and James Franco (also set to have a potentially good year). Whether the movie is any good, is yet to be seen.  Natalie, will be a huge hit with fanboys as she will be seen in a bikini, which makes a Princess Leia’s iconic swimwear look like a burka.

In July she will co-star in THOR, which will be huge, enough said!

 An Oscar, a baby, a wedding, huge box office returns. All she needs to do is release an album and we won’t be able to turn anywhere without seeing her face plastered in front of us. ALL HAIL THE YEAR OF NATALIE!!! Whether you like it or not.

Stay tuned for the next entry.